My name is Rose Tyler. 19 Years of my life passed without anything spectacular and one day, I met a man called the Doctor. He changed everything and no matter what anyone else will tell you, I know it was for the better.
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A New Adventure, pt. 5

"I knew, from the first moment, that The Runaway Bride would end with the Doctor saying, ‘Her name was Rose’"


"We don’t actually say what we’re thinking, not deliberately, not consciously. We’re revealing and guarding at the same time. You hear it, every day, in the way people say other people’s names. If someone fancies someone, but hasn’t said so out loud - and might not even be hugely conscious of it themselves - the way that they say that person’s name just gives it away.”

- Russell T Davies in Doctor Who: The Writer’s tale


Doomsday: Alternate Ending by ~comfortablylaura


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Panic! At the Disco // When the Day Met the Night

when the moon found the sun

he looked like he was barely hanging on

but her eyes saved his life

in the middle of the summer


"does it need saying?"


Someone’s going to have hurting ears the next day…

[Part of the TenToo Adventures series]

Thanks to crazyandsexy and moltobenebananas for helping me with some gaps in the contents and some decisions! :)
(Thanks to which, btw, the only scene I had planned but ended up leaving out, was just a small bonus ;)

"I literally do not know who I am. It’s all untested. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy? Am I an old misery? Life and soul? Right-handed? Left-handed? A gambler? A fighter? A coward? A traitor, a liar, a nervous wreck?"

This love is never gonna fade. We are timeless. My heart will never change. We are timeless.

Bad Wolf