My name is Rose Tyler. 19 Years of my life passed without anything spectacular and one day, I met a man called the Doctor. He changed everything and no matter what anyone else will tell you, I know it was for the better.
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You know what’s one of the really interesting things about Twelve? No matter how much he wants to travel with Clara, when he got possessive and boundary-crossing in The Caretaker the writing and acting showed him to be in the wrong for it, and the moment Clara tells him to back off in KtM he does. He just leaves as she tells him to, and then later in MotOE when he thinks she wants him gone for good, he’s clearly upset and frustrated by it but still willing to stay away if that’s what she wants. 

Like. He clearly wants her around and makes it obvious, but he’s not some over-possessive creepy stalker shitlord about it. For all his issues with being rude, argumentative, arrogant and bossy, he gets when someone’s asking him to leave that it means to leave.

I killed her.


i won’t lie

i am in fact an “attention whore”

i need to feel like i actually matter to people

i need to feel like i’m not a totally horrible person

i need to feel like there are people who love me

because i’m certainly not gonna do it myself


Sam Winchester is truly blessed


Doctor Who Photoshoots featuring the Tenth Doctor

Sam Winchester is truly blessed



Before and after.

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