My name is Rose Tyler. 19 Years of my life passed without anything spectacular and one day, I met a man called the Doctor. He changed everything and no matter what anyone else will tell you, I know it was for the better.
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Anonymous Need somethin'?: "stop whining and shut the fuck up. you don't even rp hardly anymore so why would anyone want to rp with you when all you do is drop threads?"

Get off my blog.

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Happy 32nd Birthday Billie Paul Piper (22nd September 1982)


The Doctor's TOP SECRET Diary | New Earth 

Part 1 of a series for which I blame credit tinyconfusion

I actually have a muse tonight so y'all should send me things~

"Hm?"  She swallowed the chip in her mouth.  "Somthin’ I can help ya with?"


what a good episode that waaaaassssss omggggggg

/rolls around

also I’m gonna find another theme because man this one has gotten old and I just wanna do something creative don’t judge me

Bad Wolf