My name is Rose Tyler. 19 Years of my life passed without anything spectacular and one day, I met a man called the Doctor. He changed everything and no matter what anyone else will tell you, I know it was for the better.
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Friendly reminders for some of you little shits:

  • It’s possible to like River without liking Moffat
  • It’s possible to like Rose and Rose/Doctor without hating River
  • It’s possible to like Clara and Clara/Doctor without hating River
  • Hating River because the Doctor had feelings for her (and yes, he did) is moronic
  • Hating River because she’s not Rose or Clara is also moronic
  • Liking Moffat or his writing doesn’t make someone a bad person
  • You hating Moffat or his writing doesn’t give you license to be an asshole to those that like him
  • Posting something on a public site and then getting upset when people rebuttle it politely is rude
  • Hating companions because you find their characteristic problematic is one thing but hating them because they show signs of being human and flawed shows that you don’t know how to look at something critically and you kind of missed the whole point of the show
  • If you’re so concerned that Moffat is ruining everything or is going to ruin the 50th Anniversary/Rose and Ten…Don’t.  Watch.
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